As everybody knows I have a very special relation with Italy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit every region, every corner of this amazing country. A few years ago I was in Puglia for the first time. I knew that region from the pictures, but I really didn’t know what to expect. My love for Puglia has grown step by step. With every new visit to this region it keeps on growing.

Styled shoot Puglia

Discover Puglia

It’s a region with a great diversity of possibilities, with a very warm population, delicious food, heavenly wine and a very rich history. A region where a wedding becomes an unforgettable event.

Styled shoot Puglia

Puglia in the press

Despite the shooting of American soap series, the wedding of an American megastar and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship, this region still deserves to be promoted. Last year I organised a styled shoot in la bella Puglia. I wanted to put the beauty of Puglia in the spotlights. I wanted to show the public what kind of hidden treasures you can find in the heel of Puglia. In that way future brides and grooms would feel motivated to realize their dream in this amazing region.

Styled shoot in Puglia


After a thorough selection I chose a Masseria that recently opened her doors and that offered a lot of hidden and historical treasures. Without the help and the support of this fantastic team it wouldn’t have been possible. Our collaboration was as magical as the venue itself.

Styled shoot in Puglia


Of course everything had to be photographed. I wanted to start a collaboration with someone who appreciated the beauty and the pureness of the Italian peninsula and of Puglia as much as I do. Anaïs Stoelen Photography was completely convinced when I told her about my concept? She has photographed everything magnificently.

Styled shoot in Puglia

Back to basic

For this shoot I wanted to stay close to the pure and simple character of Puglia. No table that was excessively decorated with linen, flowers, cutlery and unnecessary elements, but back to basic, back to the essence of Puglia and her colour palette that was at the same time a reflection of the colours of Italy. Green for the olive trees, brown for the earth, red for the flowers, the poppies in this case, the vegetables and the fruit, white for the houses and the cliffs. By combining these elements I wanted to create an organic and chic atmosphere.

Styled shoot Puglia

Ceremony in a cave

Thanks to the vastness of the Masseria we could create diverse atmospheres in totally diverse areas. For the ceremony I fell in love with a secret cave that had several functions in the past: a church in which you still can admire the frescoes and a refuge for the population and their animals against the attacks of the Turkish army. In and around the mangers I put candles and olive branches which served as an altar. For the bride and groom we used gorgeous wooden custom made chairs of the Masseria. The whole team was speechless when they saw this setting. I won’t tell you all the details about the little creepy animals that were crawling around the place while I was styling, how many times I started yelling while the rest of the team thought it was hilarious. But the result was striking.

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Wedding dinner

When organizing a wedding in this Masseria, the aperitif can be held in the olive grove with a view on the cave, the old Masseria, the antique road that is a relic of the Roman century and the sea of course. For the wedding dinner the couple can opt for an outdoor dinner in the fantastically maintained green garden or for a semi-indoor dinner in the old Masseria where the guests can enjoy the amazing Pugliese food while being seated in the covered gallery or in the open courtyard. The dream of every foodie becomes a reality in this breathtaking setting.

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia

A weekend away

This Masseria isn’t only the excellent place for a unique wedding day or wedding weekend which I love the most, but also the place to be for a relaxing honeymoon or a weekend away with the two of you thanks to the modern and luxurious rooms and apartments that have been decorated by the interior designer of the Masseria. The young team is always ready to spoil the guests. Here you can enjoy your free time endlessly.

Styled shoot in Puglia

Styled shoot in Puglia


Thanks to the central location of this Masseria you can easily visit the rest of Puglia. Don’t forget to visit Matera, the cultural capital of Europe in 2019, in the neighboring region Basilicata.

Every time I look back at the pictures my heart starts beating to visit my new friends. I would love to stroll by the beaches and through the olive groves again. Hope you are as much impressed and in love with this part of region as I am.

Are you also dreaming of getting married under the Pugliese sun? Don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you to realize this wonderful dream. It’ll be a magical journey!

Styled shoot in Puglia

Enjoy the journey!

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Vorrei ringraziare di tutto cuore la squadra fantastica della Masseria San Francesco. Senza il vostro aiuto e sopporto non avrei potuto realizzare questo progetto magico.


Organisatie: Art’Anna Weddings & Events

Concept & Styling: Art’Anna Weddings & Events

Photografie: Anaïs Stoelen Photography

Interior design Alessia: Masseria San Francesco

Bruidsjurken: Jesus Peiro by Atelier Deli’ Sposa

Kledij bruidegom: Cupertino Fasano

Juwelen: Pandora Belgium by GTC Belgium

Bloemen: La Fioreria di Ronzino Constantini

Decoratie: Domus Fasano

Food & beverage: Masseria San Francesco

Modellen: Noemi Wanduragala & Leo Guarini

October 27, 2017

The hidden treasures of Puglia


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