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The theory is that as wedding planner, I organise and coach your wedding in Belgium, France and Italy. Truth is that I create experiences that for you commence as from the first moment we meet and that you can enjoy together with your guests on your wonderful day. For me, a wedding is a personal and intimate happening that brings many emotions. During the entire preparation, on the wedding day and also thereafter I am for you the ultimate person to call upon with your remarks and questions, or for just a simple cosy chat. My target is to make your wedding come true at that one magical place and to make you fully enjoy the preparations and the wedding itself. Your love for each other and your personalities take for me central stage. This will be a unique tailor-cut wedding; with a smile and a tear; with joy and happiness; a feel-good trip - a dream voyage for the both of you. Say yes to the start of an amazing journey of a lifetime!

wedding planning

You are about to embark on a glorious journey with the love of your life. Your every wish is to surprise your loved one on a place that has a special meaning for you or at a dazzling location in Belgium, France or Italy with the sole purpose to get that one answer, that one all-meaning word: YES. In close collaboration with you, I plan the proposal as unobtrusive as possible; I ensure that you, but also your future partner, can enjoy this ultimate moment intensely and that every minute will be recorded for you to relive everything in years to come. Say yes to new adventures!


I cherish an intimate wedding, where you both are surrounded by family and best friends and where your love is everything. But… smaller could sometimes mean greater…. Just a very personal ceremony between the two of you; an invisible photographer, a ceremonial speaker who goes along with your feelings, and a wedding planner who ensures that you can say the ultimate yes-word in the most remote, breathtaking or secluded place. All this will guarantee unique images and moments that you will cherish your entire life together. It surely is different, but isn’t your love as well? Let’s create magic!


private events

Every milestone, every event in our lives deserves extra attention and a bit of glitter and glamour. There are moments in life on which each of us deserves to take centre stage, each of us deserves that moment in the spotlights, during a memorable event that we planned ourselves or that others surprised us with. I just love to magic up these milestones and gorgeous events into an unforgettable feast for everybody and to have you and your guests enjoy each other’s company, the partying, eating and drinking together, enjoying it all. Let’s celebrate!


On reconnoitring a new location or when traveling through Belgium, France or Italy, I always keep my eyes wide open for details in the surroundings, in materials, in nature. All this must be a source of inspiration for your wedding or event. By using all the beauty that surrounds us, I give your wedding that extra personal touch that typifies you! Together, we discover your style and theme that will be the central thread in the fabric of your wedding or event, making all your dreams come true. Let’s create beauty!

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Art’Anna Weddings & Events is specialized in the organisation of weddings and events in Italy, France and Belgium. We add an extra dimension to your day and seek to give you an unforgettable day with an eye for innovation, creativity and originality, completely tuned to your wishes. 

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