Sit down, take an espresso
or a glass of wine 
because this is your place to relax and to dream away. 
You are celebrating a wedding, an anniversary
or whatever other special occasion
and would like exploring new horizons.
Preferably even across borderlines,
but still among your favourite people.
Not just for a day, but for a weekend
(or midweek for those who want a little more),
to disconnect from the worries
of the day and the Wi-Fi.
And to connect with each other.
Because the most beautiful memories
are not created in a few fleeting moments,
they arise when you take your time.

For couples who don't want a wedding party,
or just want a lot more ! 

For couples who don't want a wedding party,
or just want a lot more ! 

Ciao! Piacere. Mi chiamo Helena.

As a translator French and Italian and with a heart for the most beautiful milestones in life, interpreting your wedding weekend dreams is my ultimate wish.

Don't call me a wedding planner. I don't like being pigeonholed. Neither do my couples. Like me, they do not like average weddings and tight schedules. What they do like is enjoying themselves with the people they love, the excitement of a new adventure, the itch for the journey, the holiday feeling.

And exactly that is my mission. To give them and their guests an experience that is so much more than a (wedding) party. A memory for life.

Art'Anna creates multi-day weddings
in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Spain,
weekends that make you slow down,
make you come to a halt. 

Art'Anna creates multi-day weddings
in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Spain,
weekends that make you slow down, make you come to a halt. 

The most unique experiences with breathtaking views & incredible sunsets
Your journey can take you anywhere your heart desires.

My heart belongs to my home county, but long ago I started a special affair with Italy. It is a county full of contradictions where north and south are often each other’s opposites, but still have much in common: their love for culture and history, for their refined cuisine and their heavenly wines. A wedding in Italy is not just a marriage: it is a total experience. I passionately escort you on a culinary and historic discovery tour through La Bella Italia that will be the starting point of your life-long voyage together. That’s amore! 

experience la dolce vita


Paris is always a good idea…and so is France, and what more can I say?
I always had deep feelings for our southern neighbours, for their art, culture and savoir-vivre; for their romantic cities highlighted by stately architecture or for their picturesque villages with their typical petite squares. Close your eyes and drift away. Image yourself in a vineyard or a lavender field where blankets are laid out offering picnic baskets… On opening the basket, you find baguettes, local cheeses and a bottle of wine supplied by the local vintner. THE perfect start of a perfect weekend for the two of you and your guests! La vie est belle!

walk the aisle in style 


For many people, Portugal is a lesser known wedding destination, but it is forcing itself ever more in the limelight. It is a country steeped in rich history, with diverse culture and still unspoiled nature with many sand and rock beaches. You’ve guessed it. Here the beach wedding of your dreams can become reality. Instead of starting your wedding or festive weekend with a wine degustation – which is surely also a possibility here – you can let your guests enjoy the delectable and world-famous Port, followed by a Portuguese welcome dinner in one of the many authentic restaurants with in the background the typical, melancholic Fado music. One of the many advantages of Portugal is that temperatures in the southern region can be enjoyably for a long period of time, not to mention the awe-inspiring splendour of the coloured houses. Let's design your mosaic of love!



España, amor de mis amores…. In this country, it is easy to imagine a wedding ceremony with your feet in the sand at one of the Costas. The Costa del Sol is the most famous, but also the Costa Blanca or the Costa de la Luz could well be what you had in mind. The versatility of the country is endless. Cities breathing history, the rough, green area of Asturias, or Galicia, vast expanses of nature around southern finca’s…

A wedding weekend in sultry and sensuous Andalucía starting with a tapas evening accompanied by world famous Rioja wines and with gitano music in the background… Or an intimate ceremony in gastronomic Catalonia on a late summer’s evening: we’ll gladly assist you in your quest. Something for all tastes in this versatile land with its even in winter agreeable climate. If you dream of an island wedding, Spain is your perfect choice as well: the Baleares or the Canary Islands are far-out wedding locations. Hasta luego!

España, amor de mis amores


Although we at Art’Anna lost our hearts to the sun, we just love the mountains that breath peace and tranquillity and where the air is still clean and pure. Winter weddings have gained enormously in popularity over the last few years, but in Belgium and many other countries the chances for snow are few and far in-between. For this reason, we added Austria to our list of “exotic” destinations. Imagine the gloriousness of starting your wedding or festive weekend in a wooden chalet with view over the snowy mountains, a crackling open fire in the background and a succulent Austrian dinner or a cheese fondue for all your guests. A wedding in a remote cosy church or on a location with a breath-taking backdrop of the mountains and pictures in the snow. These are the ingredients that transform your wedding or party into a unique experience for you and your guests. Memories made in the mountains stay in our hearts forever! 

say 'i do' in the snowy mountains


Discover how we love
to slow down & celebrate life

carmen & thomas

Helena has meant so much to us during the planning of our wedding making it very difficult to put this into words on a 'piece of paper'. Throughout the collaboration, it was clear that she is made for her profession and that she practices it with great passion. She also has a very good knowledge of people so she knows exactly what it is you want, even if you can't express it clearly.  Everything was taken care of down to the last detail. In Helena's hands, we did not doubt for a moment that everything would be in order. The result was a fairly stress-free marriage. The perfect recipe.

elisabeth van lent | photographer

I've had the opportunity to collaborate several time with Helena and each time the wedding was like a dream. Even when a supplier didn't keep to the agreements, she solved the problem and made sure the couple didn't perceive anything. 
She has created for each couple an unforgettable dream wedding and I have been one of the lucky ones to capture the result of her wonderful work. 
I would highly recommend her for your (intimate) wedding in Italy or France! 

Evelien De Keukeleire | Make-up & Hair

I have a connection on a personal level with Helena. We are both driven by our job, we are very punctual and we both have soft personalities. When there's a connection between suppliers on a personal level, you are even more driven when working o a next project.  I'm super grateful for the wonderful opportunities that Helena has given me and that without a doubt have helped me to continue doing the job of my dreams.

esmeralda & dan

We booked Helena to plan our Italian wedding in the spring of 2019, and I am so happy we made this decision - it made our lives so much easier!  Helena made our dream come true (and beyond) and organised a wedding more beautiful than I could ever imagine. We had the perfect location, the perfect menu, the perfect flowers, the best photographers and all that within the budget we agreed upon. If you want to enjoy the journey of getting married and not have to stress about it, make sure to contact Helena - I can tell you it will be worth it.

ann-sophie & jan

Although our wedding was rather small, it excelled with love, warmth & personal touches; all this thanks to Art’ Anna. It is just impossible to achieve this yourself. It was Helena’s professionalism, push, but tranquil at the day itself that made our day unforgettable. Warm & loving, just as we always had wanted it.

cleo & ben

We had always dreamt of a wedding in Italy. Helena and her team made our dream come true, for which we are eternally thankful. We could live through the preparations and the weekend itself without any stress and look back at it in sweet memories. If only it were possible, we would turn the clock back to re-live that magical weekend once more.

maryline | florist

Fantastic organizer...she has really great taste ...

Maarten Vandewalle | photographer

Expertise, experience, esthetics and
passion in 1 person

mike & julie

Our wedding was finished into the smallest details thanks to you and your husband. 

mother of melody  | wedding of melody & jeroen

Helena and Bert,
Thank you for everything what you have done yesterday and the days before to create an. unforgettable party. It was superb!

Hilde of ‘t Eikennest | wedding venue

Helena is fantastic in everything she does and undertakes !!

melody & jeroen

Art’Anna is more than just a wedding planner. You can contact her for all your questions and ideas. In the months before the wedding a very nice bond develops, in which you create the perfect event together. Helena sees to everything in a very professional way and also her assistant ensured that the wedding day went super smooth. Helena knew, with her great passion of Italy, perfectly how she should create the Italian atmosphere for our wedding, always taking into account our wishes and ideas. A top team! A nice and friendly cooperation towards that unique day in our lives … It was super!!

joke & youri

It was a breath of fresh air to work with somebody who understood what we wanted and the road we longed to take. Everything was shipshape and Bristol fashion as the saying goes, and also communication was perfect. We would not only like to recommend you, we would love to book you for further occasions as well. 

tessa & bruce

Our wishes and dreams were smoothly but resolutely transformed into reality. The result is something we will cherish forever, a magical wedding day! A superb location, super organization and a clear love for your trade.

An-Sofie & Andres

Helena was the one who ensured that we always finalized everything in due time and who assisted us in word and deed when something changed (once more). Everything was worked out to the smallest detail and we would do it again any time. We received an astonishing amount of positive reactions from family and friends and I feel sure that everybody looks back on it with great remembrances. 

senka & koen

A dream came true. Lovely experience that will be talked about for many years to come …. No stress …. Pure enjoyment. Everything perfectly to our wishes, from the decoration up to the ceremony, locations, photoshoot. 

collegue & wedding supplier

Helena is a topper - that much is certain. A wonderful relaxed appearance, concealing an incredibly vibrant personality. I learned to know her as extremely perfectionistic, with a great sense of style, detail and planning. Her 'black booklet’ is filled to the borders with the best suppliers, and she is a master in tying things up. Her knowledge of La Bella Italia needs no further comment;
it is simply remarkable. 

birgit & kristof

Helena has a very personal approach: she listened to our every wish and could translate it perfectly into the organization of an unforgettable weekend.
A wedding abroad involves much organization; therefore, it is nice and comfortable to have somebody there with experience to follow things up.
Our wedding weekend was absolutely fantastic!
An unforgettable experience thanks to Art’Anna!
Thanks, Helena!

carl & sien

Helena & Bert, you did so much more than we expected from you. You ensured a seamless proceeding and an absolutely carefree day for us. You were SOOO professional, relaxed, discrete and careful throughout the whole day. We would redo our wedding day immediately, of course with you involved again. 

lindsey & peter

You added the necessary tranquillity and structure to our special day!
We needn’t worry about anything because you had everything under control!
Thanks to you we could enjoy our day that much!

tina & kristof

Already during the preparations, you immediately understood what our intentions were, and everything turned out above expectations! You took away all the worries, meaning that we ourselves could enjoy everything for the full 100%. Your eye for detail, your punctuality, but also your flexibility during the entire wedding weekend... you were fantastic! 

Sarah & Arne

With her eye for detail and her creativity, she creates unforgettable memories. Due to her relations a high level of service is guaranteed. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change one single detail. You made our Tuscan dream come true!!

witness of Sarah & Arne

Nothing is too much for her, when you asked her for something she already had anticipated on it (a glass of white wine for the bride and witness)!! I will always remember her work drive, her passion, but especially her friendliness. 

photographers of Sarah & Arne

She is the sweetest girl in the world!!! Professional and really organised (!!!!). We love working with her! If you want the best of everything, with flawless execution and a vendor that makes your special day as important as her special day, she is YOUR wedding Planner.

sandy & jurgen

. Precisely what we dreamt of, and even better. Beautiful building, beautiful rooms, breathtaking views, lovely Italian food, nice wines and gracefully dressed tables.
We also had the honour of being wed in a GORGEOUS picturesque village.
After four months we still talk plenty about our fairy tale wedding.

ellen & simon

Our wedding day was fantastic. Thanks to Helena we could enjoy it without a worry. She planned everything to the smallest detail, was always attentive and prepared for every eventuality. Already during the preparation, she knew exactly which path we wished to trod and she always assisted us in elaborating on our concept. She is attentive but on the other hand extremely relaxed.
She always gave us that same feeling of tranquillity; both during the preparation as on the day itself she was very professional.
Without Helena, without you, it would never have been the same! 

Tine & Nicolas

Professional, easy-going and subtle coaching on the most beautiful day of our lives.
Helena, thank you so much for all the efforts you put in.
It was very nice working with you. Pure enjoyment on our day.

Katrien & David

As from the introductory talk we had a good feeling about Helena.
Eye for detail, tailor-made work, perfectionism, flexibility, attention, a warm person … these are just some words that characterize her. This all meant that we and our guests could flat out and carefree enjoy our three-day wedding festivities.
A gorgeous location and super-suppliers. Helena is top! Can’t thank you enough!

Sofie & Ben

Thanks to you we enjoyed a truly magical wedding day. It was beyond our dreams!
Without much stress we headed towards that perfect day and we could enjoy it without any organizational stress. You succeeded in creating an unforgettable day that lives on deep in our hearts.

Kim & Wim

When we found Art’Anna, our dream to marry in beautiful Italy came true. Thanks to Helena’s coaching we enjoyed every moment. The preparation and our wedding weekend turned out to be carefree longing and pure enjoyment. Helena is at the same time professional and easy-going and the top in her profession. She kept surprising us and she is a woman to love. 

Lieve & Peter

How could somebody possible succeed in relieving us from the stress of organizing our wedding and then coach us so discretely and flawless during our dream wedding in Italy. She turned it into pure magic. Grazie mille, Helena!

Charissa & Jan

Helena is a super-nice attentive and creative SUPERWOMAN!
She realises the romantic fairy tale that you dreamed of.
She will do everything and anything to ensure you a top party,
with loads of nice surprises, even for the bride and groom.

Joyce & James

Our journey to our wedding in Italy has been a bit longer than expected due to the pandemic and that's where Helena excels. She is compassionate and our wedding has been easily postponed to the next year. We knew that a intimate wedding weekend in Italy was something very special, but it exceeded all of our expectations.  The weekend was magical and we have been able to enjoy our wedding without experiencing any stress. Helena understood perfectly what we wanted and the result was beyond our expectations. We would recommend Helena to anyone who wants to experience a unique love weekend. We will be eternally grateful to Helena as she has given us the most wonderful memory of our life.

A few times a year, we like to take you on a journey, without you having to leave your seat.
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