Some mail me or address me kindly as “Anna”, while my name is in fact Helena. I admit the company name can be confusing and that Anna could well be my name, but that is not the case. Neither has it anything to do with Art. 

“Art’” is derived from our eldest son’s name Arthur and “Anna” refers to our daughter who was given the Italian name Anna-Maria. Art’Anna was founded before the birth of our third and fourth child,
but they could well receive their place within the company. 

Het prille begin

Het verhaal van Art'Anna

Romantic soul. Soft voice - Hard worker. Quiet enjoyer - Runs marathons, but only during your event –
She loves perusing holiday albums - She loves the smell of the first days of spring and the dew on the grass in the morning –
She is at home with her children as well as in Italy - Life is too short not to celebrate milestones - 
She can always be tempted with an aperitivo on a sunny terrace. 


It was amour brut when, as a child, I went for the first time on holiday to the south with my parents. The love lasted and so I went on to study Italian-French linguistics and history. 

A diploma, a translation agency and later on, my own wedding in the iconic square of Siena; I already knew then that my heart belonged to creating special celebrations along paramount events in life, first in Italy and later also in France. There is where my heart lies. After all these years, the knowledge and experience has moulded my vision on these moments.  

I matured and if you ask me, I now prefer the intimate approach, back to the basics called love. On an idyllic location with a fine, selective group of people. That's enjoyment to the core. All this, in combination with long-lasting aperitives, succulent dinners, a refreshing dip in the pool, dancing barefoot, and … fill in the rest yourself. 

The only thing I cannot promise is sun. That's why I always include in my script a rock-solid plan B that is not inferior to plan A. 

In short, do you have something to celebrate and are you dreaming of a location in Italy or France? Contact me! I will draw up, arrange and direct your party and make sure you get sweet dreams in the months before, so that afterwards you can look back on the whole trip with a warm heart and a big smile.

But first some fun facts

Let's start an unforgettable journey!

My dream destination

My dream destination would be South Africa but let’s say that I’m open to lots of destinations as long as there is culture and nature (without bugs and little crawling animals please). 


I’m a person made of contradictions. 

I would love to live on top of a hill with amazing views where I would relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. But I would probably miss the comfort of living in a town or a city. Maybe one day when I’m old or maybe not…


I love the Italian cuisine

. . . but I’m also a big fan of our own Belgian cuisine and I do like to try new kinds of food, but please don’t give me white beans as I really don’t like them…Oh and eggs with papsaus, something typically Belgian, are not at all on my list of favorite dishes. 


Life is a journey!
Enjoy that journey!

My life has been a journey in many ways. It has taken me to many places in the world, but it has also shown me the most positive and most negative sides of life. This journey has learned that I have to enjoy life and my family at the fullest and that every moment is precious. 


My assistants have told me that I have a special kind of humor. 

I always respond in a funny way to some of their questions…I really wouldn’t know why they share the same opinion.


I would never ever marry a Belgian guy ...

. . . until I met my husband in Antwerp in 2002. He was a Belgian and only lived 15 minutes from my hometown (1,5 hour from Antwerp). The rest of the story is history. 


Wie ik ook niet kan missen zijn Bert, Michelle en Noortje. 
Zij zijn de extra handen die ik tekort kom tijdens de opbouw van jullie evenement, 
de drie paar ogen die ervoor zorgen dat geen enkel detail ontsnapt aan mijn bijna alziend oog,
mijn metgezellen tijdens de zoektocht naar nieuwe, nog onontgonnen locaties.
Ze zijn professionele bestekopblinkers, getrainde servettenvouwers en
kunstenaars in het uitlijnen van ceremoniestoelen.
Dankzij hen is elk event onder de vleugels van Art’Anna een moment van puur en zorgeloos genieten.
 Je hoeft me uiteraard niet te geloven.
Het zijn dan ook niet mijn woorden, maar die van de koppels die jullie voorgingen.
Benieuwd naar hun ervaring? Je leest ze hier. 


Nooit zou ik met een Belg trouwen...Nooit! Maar toen kwam ik in 2002, tijdens mijn opleiding vertaler, een Belg, meer zelfs een West-Vlaming, tegen. Hij bood me een rit van West-Vlaanderen naar Antwerpen aan en de rest van het verhaal is gekend.  In 2005 trouwden we in Italië, mijn tweede grote liefde, en een jaar later werden we al voor de eerste keer heel trotse ouders... 

Tijdens de voorbije 20 jaren is hij niet enkel mijn echtgenoot, maar ook mijn beste vriend, mijn soulmate, mijn steun geweest. Hij kende vanaf het begin mijn levensverhaal en wist dat een reis met mij niet de gemakkelijkste zou zijn. Hij inspireert mij. Hij luistert naar mij. Hij gelooft in mij. Hij motiveert mij om datgene te doen en te blijven doen waar ik het meest van hou.

En ja...wanneer ik een extra assistent nodig heb, wanneer ik een helpende mannelijke hand nodig heb, wanneer er teksten geschreven moeten worden, wanneer ik een second opinion nodig heb, dan is hij er voor mij. 

Tijdens een afspraak op kantoor is de kans groot dat je hem ontmoet en dat hij je een hapje en een drankje komt brengen.

I won’t even try to start telling the story how Michelle and I met; let me just tell how happy I am that from the first moment she started working for Art’Anna a few years ago as assistant, she fully understood my vision, she knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. She walks my dreams and far-stretched goals and she constantly assists me in reaching them.

Not only is Michelle a very loyal super assistant who now even finalizes all on her own, and with the very best results, weddings abroad. She is also a good friend who at times knows me better than anybody else and moreover she became for all suppliers a reliable spokes partner. They just adore her. You will never find Michelle at the office, but if you meet her at one of the Art’Anna weddings or events, you will immediately take to her… she conquers all hearts.

Michelle is a globetrotter. She loves adventuring and discovering the world. Should you feel following her, you can find her at her Instagram @wherethehellismichelle – a question we sometimes ask ourselves as well. I am convinced that she will surprise and inspire you... join the club!

Although Michelle is not a full-time Art’Anna employee, I want to underline that she is a very important player in our team. It would be impossible for me to go without her.



Although Noor is not always at the office, I can ensure you that you and your wedding are always on her mind and that she is always on the search for the best possible solutions for you and your guests.

Noor, don’t mind calling her Nory if you like, has a strong passion for France and Spain and masters both languages absolutely fluent. Only fate knows which areas she will discover for us or which projects will cross her path.

Noor loves traveling. Together with her family she wants to discover the world and indulge in new adventures. Tasting other cultures is a permanent magnet for her. She has an inquisitive and incredibly positive soul that is always open to new possibilities, always seeking out the newest trends. We surely can call her our trend and location spotter.

Noor loves creating special moments and unique experiences and will help you to plan and style your event or wedding in Belgium, France and other magical places.

Over the years, Michelle and Noor have become truly indispensable assistants within the Art’Anna team. They know me through and through and they are in touch with my essential self. Both understand what I envisage and know the lengths that I go for bridal couples and customers alike. Sometimes they stop me, but often they give me that extra push.

But my most important supporters are and will always be my husband and children. They are my biggest back-up team in everything I undertake. When I’m having a bad day or when things go pear-shape, they motivate me to remain walking the road and chase for fulfilment of my dreams and goals. When I return after a wedding weekend, it is they who cheer me when everything turned out for the best.

When some years ago I dreamt my dream of organising weddings in Italy, it was my husband who urged me to follow courses and to take the big step, to face up to the risks. He believes in me. He supports me. He holds my hand. He listens to me. He trusts in me. He is my partner, my soulmate, my friend, my husband.

We zijn meer dan enkel collega's, We zijn familie!

We zijn een heel hecht team

A few times a year, we like to take you on a journey, without you having to leave your seat.
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