For the big dreamers and the equally grand daredevils, our journey starts here. You contact us about a year and a half in advance. The earlier the better, so that we still have a wide choice of locations. Have you already passed that date? Don't panic. Send us a message. We will check our agenda. If we are still available, we will gladly step up a gear.


getting to know

After your request via our website, we will contact you and quickly set a date to get to know each other. This can be live at our office in Roeselare or via video call. Whatever you prefer.


Afterwards, we will draw up a two-part quotation with, on the one hand, the fee for our services and, on the other, a price estimate per supplier, taking into account the number of attendees and the available budget.

Once you have confirmed the offer, you will be sent an extensive questionnaire, which will help us to get a clear image of your wishes. Not only do we ask about the accessibility, distance, scope and duration of the event, but also about your style, the atmosphere you want to create and your favourite colours.


first meeting

During this meeting, we will together go through the answers to the questionnaire and we will gladly give our advice where you have questions. We spar about the course of your event, discuss transport, accommodation, the desired comfort, ... What should absolutely be available and supplied? What is important? What do you like or dislike?
This is also the ideal moment to make a styling plan, if you don't have one drawn up before. This is a mood board that you compile via Pinterest and share with us.

research venues

Now you can sit back and relax, because for us this is where the real work starts. Based on all the information we received from you we will look for the perfect location. First, we look at the locations within our own portfolio. These are the locations we know from prospecting or from experience. Afterwards, we also look beyond our own portfolio.

PS: Every year we go prospecting to discover new locations. Preferably unknown places, unique because of their location, charm and character.

Two weeks after our second meeting you will receive a first proposal in your mailbox. You will be provided with an extensive document in which we, based on your wishes, suggest 3 to 5 locations.
We will discuss each location in detail (accessibility, size, number of bedrooms, possibilities, attractions in the area, price, etc.). Should there be not a location that makes both of you happy? Then we make a new proposal.
Until it feels right.


venue visit

Once we have found a location that matches your expectations (and preferably a little more), we are happy to bring you there to appreciate the place with your own eyes; to get a feel for it. What is the atmosphere like? How is the water temperature in the pool? Does the local café appeal to you? Is the nature as you had hoped? Buon Viaggio!

second meeting

If the location is as much to your liking in real life as it is on paper, we make the booking for you. Now that the location has been decided, we start with the further elaboration of your event. For this we meet again. We will discuss the colour palette, the decoration, the bridal bouquet, the table linen, the chairs, the timing, activities, transport, hair-do and make up, entertainment, etc.

After our second meeting, we start collecting the correct suppliers. We will look for the right chairs, tables, plates, cutlery, glasses and linen, a florist, a DJ, a professional hairdresser and make-up artist, a live musician, a printer, etc. We make sure that all suppliers are on the same wavelength and perfectly understand the style and atmosphere we want to create during your weekend. The picture must be right. We do not go for less. And always staying within the predefined budget. Pure logics, since Art'Anna does the price negotiations as well.

suppliers & design


When everything is decided and fixed, we complete the script. This is a bundle that is enhanced at every stage of our trajectory and wherein the entire course of your event is recorded down to the smallest detail. One month before our departure, we go through the final version together. After your approval, each supplier will receive the script adapted to his or her services. This means that, everybody knows exactly what is expected of him or her, with the exact times.

It's not about
the destination,
but about the journey !

It's not about the destination,
but about the journey !

One week before our departure, we liaise with each other one last time. We finalise any outstanding, our tasks and answer any last questions (if there are any). The next time we see each other is at your destination in Italy or France.
Have a safe journey!

Last call

THE weekend

We are already on location the day before the start of your event. This gives us enough time to get everything ready for the arrival of your guests. During your stay, we will be busy both behind and in front of the curtains to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you have a carefree time. You may take it literally that we are available at all times: 24/24.
After your multi-day event, we will stay until everything has been cleared away and your guests have left safely.

A few times a year, we like to take you on a journey, without you having to leave your seat.
Sign up for our inspirational mails here. We promise you travel fever, sun and (of course!) love.

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