One of my first weddings in Italy wasn’t in the traditionally requested region Tuscany, but in a more northern region called Piedmont or in Italian Piemonte. Isabelle and Kristof, but especially Kristof, really knew what they wanted and had specific wishes. No Chianti, but Barolo. No castle, but a beautifully restored Villa. The possibility to organize a wine tasting. A wedding weekend with lots of delicious food and heavenly wine. It wasn’t easy at all to find that perfect and unique venue, but I did. During their first visit to Piemonte they fell in love sight with the Villa that would hold a special place in their hearts and their lives.

The arrival of the guests

During the summer of their wedding the weather wasn’t that nice at all. Even the days before and the day of the arrival of the guests it was very cloudy. When guests started to arrive, the clouds disappeared and the sun appeared. By following the signs “There’s amore” the guests found their way to the Villa where they could drink some refreshing drinks and eat local biscuits. A warm welcoming this certainly was thanks to a great team!


Wine tasting in Piedmont

Once all the guests had arrived they could leave for the visit of the winery and the wine tasting. Those who were interested could buy some wine…Let’s say that “some” turned into “a lot”. What else can you expect of a group of wine lovers?


Welcome dinner under the stars

After the wine tasting the guests were ready for aperitif and dinner. The chef prepared a large BBQ buffet and under a sky full of stars they enjoyed their first evening in Piedmont and the beginning of a fairytale.


A sunny wedding day

The next day the wedding preparation could start. The hairdressers and make-up artists arrived, the florist arrived and I started to decorate this beautiful place. While Isabelle and some of her female guests were spoiled, the other guests enjoyed some free time and relaxed by the pool. After the lunch everyone prepared him or herself for the ceremony and for the first look of this gorgeous couple. Kristof arrived with their precious little son who isn’t that little anymore. Isabelle arrived with her caring father and the two flower girls. Together they listened to a ceremony from the heart prepared by their celebrant and by their friends.

Once the ceremony ended and the traditional but also the non-traditional pictures were taken, the food and wine part could take off. It started with an aperitif with local specialities outside, but the dinner was held in the elegant restaurant. After the cutting of the cake the first dance took place outside under the stars after which the crazy party could start in the bar….It certainly was a magical wedding until late that night or early the next morning.

Their wedding day became truly the most beautiful and sunniest day of that summer! They conquered the hearts of their guests (and actually also mine). Magic happened that weekend.

If you too would love to get married in Piedmont or in another Italian region, contact me by e-mail. I can help you realizing your dream.

Theme: Chic rustic love in Italy // Planning & styling: Art’Anna Weddings & Events  // Photography: Ian Hermans Photography // Celebrant: Rent-a-Bart // DIY: Cosy Cotton by Isabelle Saenen // Location: Piemonte, Italy

Wedding in Piemonte - Trouwen in Piemonte

March 13, 2018

Wine wedding in Piemonte


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