This couple travelled to Puglia in the autumn for a triple celebration: their bachelorette day, the bride's birthday and their wedding. In this time of the year the weather in Puglia can blow any way it chooses, and that is indeed what we experienced... unfortunately. Until a few days before the wedding one could still enjoy summer temperatures, but suddenly the region was plagued by severe and colder winds resulting in nippy, chilly evenings. Still, the bachelorette day could take place accompanied by sun, sea and beach. The bride's birthday party became a pool party that went on until the early hours of the morning. It was a bit too cold to jump in, but that could and would not spoil the fun. The beautifully set table, the pure, southern food and the Belgian DJ provided the necessary atmosphere. On the wedding day itself, the symbolic ceremony could take place in the courtyard of the masseria, but for the evening party we were forced to flee indoors. The wind was fierce enough to blow chairs and decorations away, here, there and everywhere. The room was beautifully decorated with a sea of flowers all in line with the invitation. For many it was a breath-taking and unforgettable wedding weekend. Art'Anna Weddings & Events did not only take care of the organisation of the wedding, but also of the decoration of the party location and the design of all printed matter. 


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