This couple had already started their own search for the ideal location in Italy. However, they noticed that it was not easy and ended up at Art'Anna. We found them a castle domain in Umbria, sufficiently spacious to accommodate all their guests. Because there had never been a wedding before, it became a unique event. The welcome dinner took place in the courtyard of one of the outbuildings. On a television screen specially set up for the occasion, the guests were able to watch Belgium’s victory at a football World Cup match live. For the church wedding and the baptism of their child, we went to a nearby church, where the Belgian priest and a Dutch saxophonist made it an atmospheric event. For the wedding party itself, a huge marquee was erected on the front lawn of the castle. The DJ and the saxophonist provided an unforgettable dance party that continued into the late hours. The children were not forgotten. More than 10 children of different ages attended the wedding weekend. Three babysits, also provided by Art'Anna, entertained them for a whole weekend, meaning that the parents could relax and enjoy the festivities. 


Daniel & Valentina Photography