The main requirement of this couple was that their Italian wedding weekend had to be organised at the waterfront. Lake Garda was their favourite holiday destination, but renting a location on Lake Garda during the high season was not evident. Therefore, after a long search, we ended up on the beautiful Lake Iseo. The legally binding marriage took place in the town hall of a nearby village, followed by the symbolic celebration on the shores of Lake Iseo. Their 6-year-old son was the perfect brides-boy. A first aperitif was taken in a bar at the edge of the lake, where even Belgian beer was served. After both celebrations, a photo session and the aperitif, a van brought the company back to the venue. The evening party went ahead on the terrace, with a long-distance view of the lake. A TV screen set up especially for this occasion, ensured that nobody had to miss the World Cup action during the welcome dinner. Unfortunately, the outcome was not all that positive for the Belgium team.


Daniel & Valentina Photography