Fotografie Melody

This cheerful couple, originating from my own home town, are real bon vivans; from time to time they love a good drink in nice company, followed by a lovely diner and a party. With this picture in mind I went on the pursuit for a suitable location in the vicinity of the North Italian lakes; a place where all their guests could be accommodated and where the symbolic celebration and an evening party could take place as well. A renovated tower nearby Lake Garda caught our eye... There was no view of the lake, but the outstanding landscape was ample compensation for this.

According to good custom a welcome dinner was organised in the inner courtyard where all guests enjoyed a wonderful pizza buffet. Just for a moment it looked as if we would have to flee from the rain…. Luckily, we didn’t have to….! The wedding day itself saw nothing but sunshine and blue skies, with hardly a trace of a cloud. The whole event took place in open air – al fresco: breakfast, relaxation and lunch around the swimming pool, the symbolic celebration in the garden, reception and the banquet on the terrace, followed by a huge dance party. Everybody had the time of their lives……!